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What is an Aspect Map?

In the mountains, the terrain slopes are in all directions – east, west, north and south-facing. The compass direction that the slope faces is slope aspect.

How Does Geotagging Work?

When you take a photo with your GPS on, it stores its physical location where the photo was taken. Geotagging assigns coordinates to photos.

What is ArcToolbox?

ArcToolbox is a collection of GIS tools for analyzing, editing and converting data. Each toolbox has a unique set of specialized tools for spatial analysis.

Raster Clip in GIS

Save time by learning how to clip rasters in ArGIS using the raster clip tool in ArcToolbox as well as the clip button in the Image Analysis Toolbar.

Merge Tool in GIS

The Merge Tool combines data from multiple sources and puts them into a new data set with the same shape type (points, lines, or polygons).

GIS Editing Tools [Cheatsheet]

There are countless ways you can slice, dice and edit data in GIS. So that’s why we’ve created this handy visual guide with the essential GIS editing tools.

Intersect Tool in GIS

The Intersect Tool in GIS performs a geometric overlap. All features and attributes that overlap will become part of the output feature class.

Indoor Mapping in GIS

Indoor mapping specializes in mapping building floor plans. It can incorporate Revit, BIM, and CAD, and build floor plans from buildings.

Append Tool in GIS

The Append Tool adds data from one or more sources of data and puts it into an existing target dataset, without creating a new dataset.

Erase Tool in GIS

The Erase Tool removes the area that is overlapping with the erasing features. Everything outside the erasing layer ends up in the output.

How to Make a Map in QGIS

Everyone’s looking for the “easy button”. If you want to know how to make a map using GIS for free, I have your “easy button”. using QGIS and Natural Earth.

What is Geostatistics?

Geostatistics is the study of statistics with a focus on finding patterns of geographic phenomena using variograms, kriging and validation.