20 Great Gifts For Geographers and GIS Geeks

Gifts For GIS Geeks and Geographers

For Christmas, Black Friday, or any special occasion:

This is the ultimate shopping list for geography lovers.

With a focus on GIS and geography:

Pack these gifts as stocking stuffers for your favorite map nerd or GIS geek.

The Ultimate GIS Gift-Giving Guide

Here is our list of hand-picked gifts that will mean the absolute world to them.

1. HP Desktop
HP Desktop Computer

Price: Up to 60% Off Clearance Items. (HP Deals)

2. National Geographic Maps
Wall Map - National Geographic

Price: $15-$250 (Wayfair)

3. Personalized Map Glass
Personalized Home Town Map Glass

Price: $30.00 (Uncommon Goods)

4. Hero 9
GoPro Hero

Price: $459.98 (GoPro)

5. Dell Clearance Laptops
Dell Laptop Clearance Deals

Price: Up to 40% Off Clearance Items. (Dell)

6. inReach Explorer®+
Garmin Handheld GPS

Price: $449.99 (Garmin)

7. Car Navigation
TomTom Car Navigation

Price: $159.99 (TomTom)

8. Ergonomic Mouse
Logitech Ergonomic Mouse

Price: $99.99 (Logitech)

9. HP Desktop
HP Desktop Computer

Price: Up to 60% Off Clearance Items. (HP Deals)

10. State Cheese Board
US State Cheesboard

Price: $48.00 (Uncommon Goods)

11. DJI Products
Drone Nerds Discount Drones

Price: $500-1,200 (DroneNerds)

12. Road Atlas
Road Atlas

Price: $26.99 (Wayfair)

13. Engraved Skateboard
Custom Engraved Skateboard-Map

Price: $150.00 (Uncommon Goods)

14. Portable Storage G-Drive
Portable Storage Western Digital

Price: $79.99-179.99 (Western Digital)

15. Coloring Tablecloth
Map Tablecloth

Price: $30.00 (Uncommon Goods)

16. Customized Road Map

Price: $49.00 and up (Mapiful)

17. Garmin eTrex GPS
Ordnance Survey GPS

Price: £179.99 (Ordnance Survey)

18. Personalized Map Coasters
Personalized Map Coaster

Price: $65.00 – $75.00

19. Backroad Maps
Backroad Maps

Price: $19.95-149.95 (Backroad Maps)

20. Metallic Globe

Price: $99.99 (Wayfair)

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