我们在PowerDesigner中设计好数据库表,并且每个表中的字段都会有相应的注释,可是在我们在导出sql语句后,却发现没有添加字段注释的相关sql语句(例如:EXECUTE sp_addextendedproperty N'MS_Description', N'字段注释', N'user', N'dbo', N'table', N'表名', N'column', N'字段名'


步骤: Powerdesigner中选择Tools—–>Excute commands—->Edit/Run Script 在打开窗口中添加以下信息

'* File: name2comment.vbs
'* Purpose: Database generation cannot use object names anymore
' in version 7 and above.
' It always uses the object codes.
' In case the object codes are not aligned with your
' object names in your model, this script will copy
' the object Name onto the object Comment for
' the Tables and Columns.
'* Title:
'* Version: 1.0
'* Company: Sybase Inc.
Option Explicit
ValidationMode = True
InteractiveMode = im_Batch
Dim mdl ' the current model
' get the current active model
Set mdl = ActiveModel
If (mdl Is Nothing) Then
MsgBox "There is no current Model "
ElseIf Not mdl.IsKindOf(PdPDM.cls_Model) Then
MsgBox "The current model is not an Physical Data model. "
ProcessFolder mdl
End If
' This routine copy name into comment for each table, each column and each view
' of the current folder
Private sub ProcessFolder(folder)
Dim Tab 'running table
for each Tab in folder.tables
if not tab.isShortcut then
tab.comment = tab.name
Dim col ' running column
for each col in tab.columns
col.comment= col.name
end if
Dim view 'running view
for each view in folder.Views
if not view.isShortcut then
view.comment = view.name
end if
' go into the sub-packages
Dim f ' running folder
For Each f In folder.Packages
if not f.IsShortcut then
ProcessFolder f
end if
end sub