5 Data Management Certification Courses

Data Management Certification

Data Management Certification Course

They say data analysts spend 80% of their time cleaning data but just 20% analyzing it!

And with so much data coming in from all corners of the world, managing and analyzing that data can be a Herculean task. But mostly managing!

However, with the help of a good data management certification course, you’ll be able to manage and analyze your data in no time at all.

Today, we will review 5 data management certification courses so you can spend less time cleaning data and more time analyzing it.

1. Data Product Manager Nanodegree (Udacity)


Data product managers are responsible for managing the research and design of data products that meet the business needs, to ensure maximum user satisfaction. They facilitate data-driven projects by leveraging both quantitative and qualitative data.

Data product managers must be able to work with a variety of stakeholders from business analysts to engineers, from executives to senior management teams. If you’re eager to join the revolution, then you should consider taking the Data Product Manager Nanodegree offered at Udacity.

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  • Tap into high-quality instructions and scale up data-driven operations to optimize for business benefits.

  • Unique course that’s geared toward product managers to meet business needs.


  • High learning curve with several prerequisites required upon entry.

  • Mostly business-related without much hands-on programming skills achieved.

  • Applying Data Science to Product Management: For product managers looking to tap into the power of data, this course will teach you how to apply data science concepts to your work. Gain an understanding of the role data science plays in the product management process and explore some of the tools you can use to visualize your data and facilitate statistical analysis.
  • Establishing Data Infrastructure: Data infrastructure is the backbone of any data-driven business. This course will give you an understanding of the key components of data infrastructure and pipelines as well as how to evaluate strategic decisions for data.
  • Leveraging Data in Iterative Product Design: Build an understanding of which data is best collected through user feedback and how to interpret it. Use data and trends to better understand how your product is performing and how it can improve.

Data product managers play a key role in the data-driven world of the future. They typically use a combination of data, analytics, and insights to develop and evaluate new products and services. As a result, they are responsible for finding ways to improve customer experience, increase revenue, and drive efficiencies for their companies. A new comprehensive program, the Data Product Manager Nanodegree, is available from Udacity to empower students with these skills.

Instructor Udacity
Duration 3 months (10 hours per week)
Certification Data Product Manager Nanodegree
Prerequisites Prior Data Analysis & Product Management Experience Recommended
Skills Acquired Data Product Management, Statistics, Big Data, SQL, and Tableau

2. MicroBachelors® Program in Data Management with Python and SQL (SNHU)


With more and more data becoming available, storage is a problem that many organizations are facing. Data management tools such as Python and SQL can help with this. They allow you to access your data, gather it into useful formats, and automate repetitive tasks. If you would like to learn these skills, then SNHU’s Data Management with Python and SQL MicroBachelors® Program might be the right program for you.


  • Integrates both Python and SQL and how it relates to data management.

  • You are eligible to redeem MicroBachelors certificates for university academic credits.

  • At around $220 USD per credit, the SNHU Data Management MicroBachelors program is one of the most affordable ways to access college classes.


  • Consists of just 2 courses without any Capstone project to show proficiency in either Python or SQL.

  • Light on the amount of coursework.

  • Scripting with Python: Get up to speed quickly on the fundamental programming language and learn the basics of syntax and build your own applications.
  • Structured Database Environments with SQL: Explore the basics of data management and data manipulation covering topics like joins, schemas, importing, and design.

While SQL can provide the retrieval of information from relational databases, Python can help with everything from automation, and data analysis to visualization. With these tools at your disposal, you can handle any dataset in a more efficient manner. If you want to learn these types of skills, SNHU’s Data Management with Python and SQL MicroBachelors® Program can help you achieve success.

Instructor Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)
Duration 8 months (8 to 10 hours per week)
Certification MicroBachelors® Program in Data Management with Python and SQL
Coursework 2 high-quality courses
Skills Acquired MySQL, Python, RDBMS

3. Data Manipulation with Python (DataCamp)


Because real-world data can be messy, this is why Python paired with libraries like Pandas can be so handy. In the Data Manipulation with Python Skill Track, you’ll learn how to transform, filter, and manipulate your data according to different business needs. You’ll also learn about various methods for analyzing your data and finding insights. With this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions about any business’s health and future.


  • Focuses on using Python with Pandas using real-world data such as weather and police reports.

  • The focal point for this skill track is coding, meaning you get a lot of hands-on training with DataCamp.


  • Although the first chapter is free, afterward there is a cost to enrolling with the core modules.

  • A common complaint is that it helps build the right skills but it’s difficult to transfer those skills to your career.

  • Data Manipulation with Pandas: Get a handle on all the basics of data manipulation and analysis with the popular Python data science package, Pandas. In this course, you will learn how to load, format, analyze, and interpret data.
  • Joining Data with Pandas: Learn how to manipulate data, combine data, and calculate summary statistics with Pandas. This course is designed for people who want to learn how to use Python to make data analysis through joined datasets.
  • Analyzing Police Activity with Pandas: Get hands-on experience with data manipulation using the Stanford Open Policing Project dataset. This course will teach you how to manipulate data using pandas, allowing you to calculate summary statistics and analyze the impact of gender on police behavior.
  • Introduction to Databases in Python: You will learn the basics of relational databases and how to manage them. This course is designed for students who want to learn more about databases and database programming.

The Data Manipulation with Python is taught by top-notch instructors, and it’s designed for novices and intermediate users alike. It covers topics like Pandas and databases so you can be better at data management. If you’re looking to learn data manipulation in Python, then DataCamp is the perfect place to start.

Instructor DataCamp
Duration 4 courses (16 hours)
Certification Data Manipulation with Python Skill Track
Level Beginner/Intermediate
Skills Acquired Python, Pandas, Relational Databases, and SQL

4. Data Cleaning with Python Skill Path (Dataquest)


Dataquest is one of the world’s leading providers of online training for data science, data engineering, and data analytics. With a team of experienced trainers, Dataquest’s Data Cleaning with Python Skill Path provides you with the skills you need to achieve success. From scratch to long-term career growth, Dataquest’s skill track has you covered for all your data management needs including NumPy, Pandas, and immersive projects.


  • Learn Python from experienced professionals using the Dataquest online interactive coding platform.

  • Upon completion, you receive a certificate that you can share with other professionals.


  • Although the key focus is on Python, it lacks content for database management and SQL.

  • Issues were reported about errors within modules to continue to the next modules and courses.

  • Python Fundamentals: Start learning Python today and gain the skills you need for data management. This course is designed for beginners covering topics like variables, data types, lists, loops, conditionals, dictionaries, and functions in Python.
  • Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals: Learn how to manage data in pandas and NumPy so you will be able to work with data in a clean and concise way, making your data management tasks easier.
  • Python Data Cleaning and Analysis: Learn how to clean and analyze your data using Python. This course provides you with a powerful data analysis workflow and a course to help you optimize your data analysis process.
  • Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough: In this course, you will learn how to clean, combine, and analyze data. You will also put your skills to practice with an applied data science project.

The Data Cleaning with Python Skill Path will teach you how to manipulate data in ways that impact your business. For instance, this track will teach you how to manipulate data using the standard Python library, and will also introduce you to the different data processing algorithms. Dataquest is an all-around popular online platform that covers the basics of data manipulation with Python and this skill track is no exception.

Instructor Dataquest
Duration 10 skill-building courses
Certification Data Cleaning with Python Skill Path
Level Beginner
Skills Acquired Python, RegEx, Pandas, NumPy, and Jupyter Notebooks

5. Data Cleaning in Python (Codecademy)


In the Data Cleaning in Python Track from Codecademy, you’ll learn how to clean data in Python and Regular Expressions (RegEx). Not only will this course teach you how to clean data effectively, but it will also show you how to apply it to a project involving US Census data. So whether you’re working with data from a business or simply want to improve your coding skills, this course is for you.


  • Earn a certificate of completion and get trained using the highly interactive Codecademy platform.

  • This platform is easy to pick up coding by actually putting your skills into practice.

  • Take part in a project to clean US census data using Pandas and RegEx and showcase it in your portfolio.


  • Not terribly thorough with only 2 hours for its time of completion.

  • The 25-hour Python 3 program is a prerequisite before taking this course.

  • How to Clean Data with Python and RegEx: Learn Regular Expressions (RegEx), which are a powerful data management tool for matching expressions and manipulating data.
  • Cleaning US Census Data: Clean up the US Census data by using your Pandas and RegEx skills. This project will help you improve your data management skills, and make your data more accurate.

In the Data Cleaning in Python Certificate courses, you’ll learn how to clean up your data using Python. You’ll learn how to find and fix errors, how to clean up bad values, and how to get rid of duplicates. You’ll also learn about the different ways to clean up your data using Python and RegEx. See how Codecademy can help you get the most out of your data cleaning through its interactive interface.

Instructor Codecademy
Duration 2 hours
Certification Clean Data with Python Certificate of Completion
Prerequisites Learn Python 3
Skills Acquired Python, Pandas, NumPy, and RegEx

Data Management Certification Course

As businesses grow, they need to be able to manage and process large amounts of data. This data can come in the form of customer data, financial data, or any other type of data that can be used to make decisions.

When it comes to managing data, there are many different data management certification courses that you can take to help you in this area.

Data management certification can help you gain a better understanding of how to manage and analyze your data, as well as develop specific skills that will help you in your day-to-day work.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and be able to manage any type of data, then you should invest in quality courses that will help you meet your goals. Many of these programs offer free trials so you should try one out today.

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